At EduVoyage, we work closely with educational institutions to create unique study tours locally and abroad to engage in a deeper understanding of history and culture. We curate specific study tours that cater to subjects like Science, History, Art & Design, Volunteering & Conservation, Drama & Music and much more. We also offer a wide range of skill based and linguistic course trips. From sourcing and designing tailored programs, cost control management, destination management, insurance and health & safety; you can be assured to be in experienced hands.

Expo 2020

The Expo 2020 Dubai's educational program compliment and enrich student's learning with an immersive guided experience, while having to self-explore the event. Students will have a chance to witness the practicalities of their subjects, be able to explore the next best thing, and pursue their ambitions outside a classroom environment. A once in a lifetime experience to deep dive into subject themed tours that strikes the perfect balance between fun, exploration and education. Catch some of the world’s brightest. minds, and witness their genius at work. The global mega event will now run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, a delay that allows all participants to safely navigate the impact of COVID-19, and allows the World Expo to focus on a collective desire for new thinking to identify solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our time.


Expo 2020 Dubai - The Opportunity Pavilion

Here, the visitor experience is based on a series of gameplay moments that will challenge the visitor’s thinking on issues related to basic needs of water, food, and energy by simulating environments of real life individuals who are agents of change in their own communities.

Expo 2020 Dubai - The Mobility Pavilion

Proceed through the past, present and future of movement, from ancient exploration to artificial intelligence. The journey begins aboard the world’s largest elevating platform, which takes you to the House of Wisdom in ninth-century Baghdad before you head on to meet 9 meter tall historical giants of Mobility. Leap forward in time to enter a virtual world brimming with data, then step into the city of tomorrow. You may even be served by a robot or drone waiter along the way.

Expo 2020 Dubai - The Sustainability Pavilion

The future of our planet hangs in the balance - here’s where you come in. Tiptoe underneath a dense forest as the roots communicate with one another, risk the planet’s future in a game of high-stakes pinball and meet a giant fish who is furious about the plastic waste that is clogging up his ocean home. Discover the innovative global projects that are creating new paths of Sustainability, and pledge to help preserve our planet for future generations.

Expo 2020 Dubai - Al Wasl Plaza

Historically, Dubai was called Al Wasl, or the ‘Connection’. Al Wasl dome encloses the 150 metre diameter Al Wasl Plaza, which will be a central hub during Expo and beyond, connecting the 3 thematic districts: Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity.


Space adventurers, prepare for lift-off. We are recruiting new astronauts, the Mars Generation. Global data shows more than 60% of students visiting space camps are currently in or pursuing studies / careers in aerospace, defence, energy, biotech or technology. Future space explorers will learn what it is like to live and work in space.

EduVoyage takes students to such facilities in countries including USA, Russia, Belgium, Kazakhstan and Turkey.



The Space Camp in the United States, is an educational camp program with the goal of promoting science and math learning in a space themed environment. Here, students can nurture their innate curiosity for all things outer space with simulators, hands-on experiments and lessons from the experts - including real astronauts! They can embark on an exciting itinerary of learning: from flight and astronaut training simulators to classroom lessons on the history of space exploration. They will also get hands-on engineering and technology practice by building a model rocket and designing a colony for life on Mars.


As a space and science education center, the Space Camp in Turkey is primarily focused on motivating young people from around the world to pursue careers in science, math, and technology. Through interactive, space-related simulations, students & youth will learn about communication, teamwork, and leadership in a dynamic, fun-filled environment. This space camp is recognized as a science institution by the Turkish Ministry of Education. It is also licensed with the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama.


This is Singapore’s space training programme conducted with a special focus to create awareness in the space industry, and to promote science and engineering among students. All rounded students between 14 – 21 years are selected to participate in an intensive programme conducted by former NASA engineers/scientists, who could also be current consultants to NASA’s projects. This space camp has been carefully conceived to ensure high relevance to today’s students’ development, to motivate them to become leaders in tomorrow’s dynamic global playing field.

Russia & Kazakhstan

A unique opportunity to visit the place where the history of space travel began, where Yuri Gagarin began his progress towards the first space flight in human history. Experience Soviet Union/Russian space development - from its dramatic past and exciting present to its compelling future. It is one of the places on Earth where students can see International partners’ astronauts and cosmonauts train together for their space missions. This is an educational tour (and not a camp) will increase awareness of space exploration and close encounter with space flight - the manned launch of a Soyuz spacecraft & cosmodrome facilities.

Volunteering &

Creating opportunities for students by encouraging them to learn from and to serve the community. In such experiences, student growth can be extensive, whether it is through improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills, greater personal efficacy and leadership development, or enhanced social responsibility and career opportunities. Teaching, community development, conservations… there are plenty of areas to support the less fortunate.

Volunteering & Conservation Experiences


Affording students opportunities to grow by encouraging them to learn from and to serve the community. Malaysia offers volunteering opportunities for every taste and interest: from wildlife projects in the untamed jungle of Borneo to teaching English to children in urban environments. What makes it even better? The size and location of the country turn it into the perfect place for traveling and exploring the wonders of Southeast Asia. Volunteering in Malaysia is truly a great option for avid travelers looking for an original volunteer experience abroad.


Live the tropical island dream while teaching key subjects, caring for children and sharing your skills in incredible Zanzibar. Immerse yourself in the warm community and make long-term contributions through teaching, promoting gender equality, developing the community centers and assisting with local ocean conservation research conservation initiatives. Volunteers can assist with increasing the employability of local persons by supporting English language learning in the community of Jambiani on Zanzibar’s main Unguja island.

Nature &

Thailand is home to more than 10% of the world’s animals. Natural forests such as monsoon and rainforests cover approximately 25% of Thailand’s total land area. Monsoon forests are made up of hardwood trees that shed leaves during the dry season, while rainforests are made up of evergreens. Get first hand access to the itinerary. You’ll be rewarded with magnificent views and amazing animals.



A truly land of ornate temples, Thailand is famed as the jewel in Asia. Clear blue beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, diverse landscapes and exotic pace of life of locals continue to steal the hearts of worldwide travelers. Thanks to the rich history and vibrant cultures, Thailand a flawless destination to acquire new things. Thailand is home to more than 10% of the world’s animals. Natural forests such as monsoon and rainforests cover approximately 25% of Thailand’s total land area. Monsoon forests are made up of hardwood trees that shed leaves during the dry season, while rainforests are made up of evergreens. Get first hand access to the itinerary. You’ll be rewarded with magnificent views and amazing animals.


The future of our society will rest with people who can think and act with informed grace across ethnic, cultural and linguistic lines. Multicultural programs, international student services open up opportunities to enrich the educational experience by interacting with students from institutions the world over. This is not only learning about different educational methods and cultures, but also challenges students to think critically, engage in a diverse campus environment, and further propel their academic and personal development.



The future of our society will rest with people who can think and act with informed grace across ethnic, cultural and linguistic lines. Multicultural programs, international student services and a lot of opportunities to enrich the educational experience by interacting with students of institutions world over. This is not only learning about different educational methods and cultures, but also challenges students to think critically, engage in a diverse campus environment, and further academic and personal development.


From archaeological museums to former dig sites or ongoing projects, these visits give students a chance to investigate how people used the land, tools, and resources around them in the past. While studying the human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture indicating practices, religions and social structures, students will be investigating the customs of living people in the country of choice via observation and personal interactions.

Archaeological Experiences


United Kingdom, with its centuries old ancient history, not only has plenty of archaeological sites to visit, but also offers a lot of live sites where students can take part with some hands-on-trowel action at participatory digs in prehistory, Iron Age, Roman and Saxon archaeological sites in various parts of the country. Unearth a Viking bone spoon, discover Ice Age rock art or take in the ambience of a hill fort encampment dig at one of the many Roman sites in England.


Historical places are a treasure cove of information. The interactive nature of these places will create a more conducive environment for learning as students get to see and hear things that they read about. Such trips help them to understand so much about human nature, it is invaluable to helping them build their world view. With the changing world, an unfortunate reality is that some historical places are being lost for future generations.



A country with unmatched offering, Jordan thrives from unique historical sites. Ancient Roman cities, cities carved out of sandstone rocks and cliffs during the Nabatean period, monuments built during Byzantine, Mamluk Sultanate and Ottoman invasions, Jordan showcases thousands of years of its past to every traveller interested in learning about it. Now considered as one of the wonders of the world, Petra tops the list.


Trips to sports camps and athletic villages provide useful experiences at developing practical skills such as managing time, learning to adequately prepare for challenges and coping with recovery periods. Depending on the programme, players go through workshops designed to educate them on all aspects of their development including nutrition, psychology, biomechanics, physiology etc. They also have the opportunity to play friendly matches against foreign opponents and enhance their skills in a completely different environment and climatic conditions.

Sports Camp Experiences


Spain breathes soccer. In addition, the country offers amazing sports camps for Tennis, Watersports, Paddle etc where students can explore and experience training programs that include the best and latest techniques in playing the sport they are passionate about. Coaching teams challenge and support junior players at every level to improve their skills while making new friends from across the world in a fun, inclusive environment with 24-hour care.


Connecting with disruptive technologies and emerging trends, scaling the digitalization to increase relevance, discovering new streams and improving human experience, students will explore exhibits of advanced technologies, talk with industry experts and see the latest manufacturing innovations. This will be led by educators with broad knowledge in the field of medicine, robotics, artificial intelligence, communications or biotechnology.

Innovation Tours Experiences

South Korea

South Korea is amongst the world’s most technologically advanced and digitally connected countries. Seoul, it’s capital, is ranked as the world’s ‘leading digital city’ and a ‘tech capital of the world’. This Far Eastern country leads in electronic, mobile and IT innovations. From the history of electronics to the development existing today as well as what the future holds for us are available for us to see at some of the Research & Development facilities there.


These are physically demanding, nature based programs, to give participants a challenging, yet safe environment to step out of their comfort zone to gain confidence and work collaboratively with fellow students. Adventure travellers often become environmental activists, for their love of nature. EduVoyage offers adventure itineraries from the mildest form of walking, cycling and biking to trekking, camping, river rafting, rock climbing, fishing, gliding, skiing, scuba diving etc. in most parts of the world.

Adventure Experiences


A country that is able to offer adventures in all shapes and sizes, India is an absolute haven for students loving adventure. It is bestowed with towering peaks and mountains, fascinating rivers, challenging terrains and other natural marvels and has ample of options that offer the desired kicks, from mild to adrenaline, to the adventure enthusiasts. Embrace the unexpected as the students confront contemporary India up close.


With its beautiful weather and inviting nature, this island country provides for outdoor pursuits and challenging activities in a safe and friendly environment for all ages and abilities. The enriching experiences will dramatically enhance the physical fitness. From Abseiling to Zorbing, a good 40 plus different adventure activities can be experienced in Ireland.


EduVoyage provides students with opportunities to witness and understand the dynamics of various industries encompassing electronics, avionics, automotive, shipping, oil and gas, information technology, medicine and many other manufacturing and service industries. They learn about research and development, the production process as well as in-depth knowledge at interactive sessions with experts. Industrial visits allow students to see subjects in a practical context and could serve as an introduction to choosing their career in the future.

Industrial Experiences


From the historically famous automobile industry, through chemicals and engineering, to digital innovations, Germany has consistently been at the forefront of industrial leadership. It is continuing to evolve into the digital age and embrace new industries, such as environmental technology, additive manufacturing and the digital economy. Aviation, automobile, rail roads and electronics are the most popular ones that students look for.


Whether it’s modernism or art deco that draws your interest, architectural tours reveal the unique stories of buildings and city designs.

Seeing first-hand buildings of significant architectural importance; from historic treasures to modern structures, helps to inspire students’ future careers.

Architecture Experiences


With monuments of ancient and renaissance Rome as well as the contemporary and fusion Italian architecture, this country indeed is a pilgrimage site for any budding architect. Italy, the country that has produced some of history’s most influential designers and architects, brims with architectural wonders in every part of the country.


A country stretching between Europe and China, Russia is massive and its architecture evolved ideas of many cultures, Byzantine, Mongol and Europe. Despite this, it maintained a distinctively and instantly recognisable Russian architecture style, from onion domes to red-brick kremlins to neo-gothic skyscrapers. The many historical influences and forms of craftsmanship are incredibly vast and diverse.


Turkey is home to architectural wonders with its buildings from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman period. Modern Turkish architectural works have influenced several generations of Turkish architects and received widespread international acclaim. Climatic conditions, natural resources and cultures dominated the designs and construction methods in every region of the country

Music, Arts &

Fuel the passion of aspiring students with world-class performance opportunities for music, dance and drama. Exclusive tours to youth music festivals and prestigious theatre and dance workshops where students work with popular conductors, adjudicators, and choreographers to enhance their skills, learn new techniques, and perform on storied stages in select countries.


United Kingdom

The UK has arguably the best theatre scene in the world, and performing arts possibilities are flourishing in the country. The West End boasts some of the most impressive stage productions, fantastic workshops and distinguished actors, offering students unprecedented learning opportunities to see the best of the best in action. They get to grow and mature into confident and outgoing performers going through the selected range of dramatic techniques.

Media & Film

In a world where new media is playing an increasingly important role, students are offered a range of exciting film and media trips that allow them to better understand its application and impact. Students will get to explore an array of media products, including television, film, radio, newspapers and online media. Trips include practical sessions, and workshops that helps to bring the subject matter to life and to inspire the students to pursue a career in one of their preferred media forms.

Media & Film Experiences

United States of America

Home to the world’s best-known productions, student trips to Western USA put them in the centre of the glitz and glamour. An area with great diversity of people, culture and film-making heritage entwined, there is no place in the world like it. From studio workshops to theatre tours, the heart of the movie industry cannot fail to inspire them. Students will be amazed and inspired in this diverse destination where the movie industry lives and breathes.