Travel and educational trips enriches the minds of young students on their knowledge of places and works of art they have learned in the classrooms. To facilitate in amplifying a 360° assimilation of information in young minds along with their academic curriculum, EduVoyage curates unique educational travel experiences for young & student travelers. EduVoyage prides in not just generating smiles but also instilling a sense of wonder through a journey and experience into reality in their minds each term, embarking on a new dimension of learning.



EduVoyage is a specialised division of ITL World - Travel Management Company, catering to the intricate requirements of student enrichment travel.

EduVoyage introduces students to the world beyond just the amazing sights and immerses them in knowledge, culture, and inspiration. These help students to broaden their horizons, challenge their minds and create memories that will last a lifetime. Where possible, students are given opportunities to engage in community services or interact with other students and teachers from a local institution, making their trip a responsible one and giving them eye-opening experiences.

Meeting the needs of multinational students, parents, and teachers, EduVoyage follows stringent measures to ensure quality, safety and security. Every aspect of the trip is thoroughly inspected to ensure suitability and compliance with safety measures. In addition to faculties from the institutions and local guides, all trips are accompanied by an experienced member of EduVoyage for 24/7 on the ground assistance. Moreover, all our student travel are mandatorily protected with Travel Insurance.

With tailor-made itineraries and a portfolio of solutions or bespoke arrangements, EduVoyage continues to play an integral role in enriching Education with Travel.


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every Eduvoyage EDUCATIONAL tour

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